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Yazoo is a character mentally linked to Kadaj ([ profile] argentcruelty ) in several ways to the point where they are parts of the same person. Because of this he is able to recognize people Kadaj has met before (Such as having a sense of familiarity, etc.), even if he has never met them before. If this is not okay please feel free to PM/IM/leave me a comment saying so.

Backtagging: Yes, it's a lifesaver.
Threadhopping: Only if necessary.
Fourthwalling: No.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): I...actually don't know. If it happens I will add here.


Hugging this character: He will very likely push you off, or if he likes you, escape as soon as possible.
Kissing this character: Sure, if you want to get shot.
Flirting with this character: Expect him to Not Get It. Capital letters needed.
Fighting with this character: Sure. He's very strong however, and please be aware that he will more often than not fight to the death unless he is seeing it as 'playing.'
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Normal fight scratches and bruising is fine. Anything else talk to me beforehand please.
Killing this character: Talk to me first please.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Would be very hard to, as Yazoo's mind is part of a collective.  Talk to me first!
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NAME: Yazoo

AGE: Because Yazoo is Sephiroth, or a part of him, he could technically be counted just as old as the man. His separate consciousness manifested after Sephiroth was killed, so he could also be thought to be two years of age; however his body only manifested a few weeks prior to the events of Advent Children, so it tends to be a bit..complicated. His physical appearance is that of a young adult in their twenties. In Siren's port, he has recently hit his one year anniversary of living there.


HEIGHT: 5'9" (179cm)

CANON SOURCE: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete

CANON POINT: After he shoots Cloud though the heart and dies.

OCCUPATION: AGI Slave; Works for Xino E. Mao as Nighttime Security.

AGI Slave;
- Currently being held fpr Afterglow xXx's training

Former: Fugitive on the run

Police Officer with Siren's Port Police Department
- works for no pay.
- recruited to "keep him out of trouble" and save the police from having to deal with him.
- his killing of criminals is overlooked (and even encouraged) as it saves the police the trouble of having to detain them.
- is more the one who receives all of the training, since Kadaj can pull it from him anyway.

RESIDENCE: Two bedroom apartment with Ansem's Heartless.

Former:Cathedral of Jonova in Sector 6
- lives with Kadaj.
- referred to as "Angels of Jonova" in part due to their claim that Jonova is Mother, and in part because of their habit of rather aggressively protecting the church.
- Visited by/ Kind of living with: Liquid Snake, Ansem, Genesis.
- He and his brothers have been given their own room in the rectory, a simple affair with three single beds that they have pushed together to make one.

Sometimes resides in Outer Heaven.

- [ profile] argentcruelty Brother. Pieces of the same.
- [ profile] argentstrength Brother. Pieces of the same.
- Jenova - Mother, the Ultimate Authority.
- [ profile] onlyonewing- The Whole. Mother's Chosen Son.
- [ profile] devour_the_gods Brother. Traitorous black sheep. Disappeared Thrice. Perhaps not so bad?
- [ profile] walkthedawn Brother. Denying but coming around.
- [ profile] madeinoblivion Brother. Denying but coming around.
- [ profile] ysobritish Not-Brother. Less liked.
- [ profile] barebacking Not-Parent. Dotes on the Remnants but is quickly losing their favor. Found dead.
- [ profile] apologiste She must be family because she has the cells. Disappeared.
- The Joker
- Xigbar
- Shinji Nishizono
- Kazuhiko Amamiya
- Genesis Rhapsodos
- Ansem
- Laughing Beauty
- Oerba Dia Vanille-

- His gunblade, Velvet Nightmare
- Three motorbikes Motorbikes, two and one of each kind. (Type One) (Type Two)
- His NV
- Silver chain necklace; from Yaha.

- Motorbike theft (Mention)
- Jenova Church Masscare (
- Damage to police and police property (
- Assault of Miles Edgeworth (
- Suspect in the death of Aerith Gainsborough (Death by drop)
- Massive property damage from the fight with Big Boss and Triela (
- Motorbike theft again (Implied)
- Attacker in the Club 24 Raids (
- Assisted in the Joker's Cop Killing plot (Cleaning the Thin Blue Line - Implied)
- Property damage. Again. (
- Attack on the Core 2: Electric Boogaloo (
- Torture of Police Office Re-l (
- Attack on Cloud Strife (
- Attack on AGI's Afterglow xXx (
- Murder of Afterglow Parton (
- Rampage after Liquid's death (implied)


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